Can We Choose One Photographer for All Types of Photography Services?

Can We Choose One Photographer for All Types of Photography Services?

10 Feb 2021

Photography has evolved a lot through the times and now it is not only enjoyed as an art, but also it is used in business, entertainment, and personal usage. That explains the varieties of photography services that we can find in the market such as wedding photography, event photography, lifestyle photography, travel photography, fashion photography, product photography and many more. The question that might have crossed your mind at this point: can one photographer cover all types of photography services?

Just like any other field of works, there are also specialist and generalist in photography business. A specialist photographer is an expert in certain photography category, while the generalist photographer explores more than one field of photography. Focusing in just one category makes a specialist tend to do better in their field of works. With that being said, hiring a generalist to serve your photography need can also be a good option as long as you have checked the following things to do:


  1. Review their portfolio and read their customers’ review. This will be important if you wish to hire an experienced photographer in the category that you desire; and
  2. Carefully review their photography styles to ensure that they will match your personal taste.


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